Andrée Emond, Web Design & Hosting

Websites and Landing Pages

The design process is organic. There are no graphic designers. Your thoughts and ongoing ideas feed the process, as we reveal your vision. The more you share, the sharper the focus to manifest creative results.

Please contact me at when you’re inspired to explore.

Landing page

Landing pages are intended to generate leads, drive traffic and measure the effectiveness of your marketing. The content is focused on a single call to action, with the goal of directing new customers to your website or online store.

$ 950.00 CAD (2-4 weeks)

Brochure website: (5 to 8 pages)

Brochure websites are one of the best ways to establish your brand online. They are strategically focused on showcasing your products and services. Many animated and modern features can be integrated easily into your pages. The Divi framework makes learning to manage a website fun, once your ready to play.

$ 2,250.00 CAD (3 – 4 months)

Website: (9 to 15 pages)

If your offering more than one product or service, you may require more pages and more customization.

$ 2,850.00 CAD (3 – 5 months)

Website: (16 to 25+ pages)

Larger websites require additional features and customization. These sites are for clients who have multiple offerings: services, courses, products etc.

Starts at $ 3,850.00 CAD (3 – 6 months)

Template website

Divi includes hundreds of incredible templates that can be used to create a eye catching and effective website without the process of design. For many small companies, this option is preferred.

Pricing depends on your specific needs and the number of pages required.

All websites include:

  • Collaborative approach:
    includes a kick off call and one coaching session
  • Custom design & branding
  • Mailchimp api
  • Google tag manager
  • Automated scheduling
  • Training

The price includes the design process and the development. Hosting charges are additional.

The billing is applied in three equal payments. The first is due from the start (includes non-refundable 10%). The second is due once you have approved the home page layout and branding. The final payment is due on launch.

The timelines are based on years of experience. I’d be happy to discuss your project’s deadline to determine whether I can expedite the work, at the time.

Note: this option depends on receiving the assets and a solid understanding of your vision, from the start.

Hosting & Maintenance

  • Technical support
  • 99.9% up-time
  • Duplicator pro backups
  • Core, theme and plugin maintenance

Annual cost: $ 240.00 CAD

Under the hood

Your site is custom build in WordPress, using the professional Divi theme. The WordPress software is currently ranked number 1 in content management systems. The Divi theme is one of the five best professional themes and comes complete with everything you need and more. Together,  thousands of developers world wide are keeping the core and theme secure. The number one reason I choose Divi is documentation. You will easily find answers, tutorials and simple how to’s by searching. I do not mean to make it sound simple. Web development is time consuming and frustrating for many. Go slow and be easy on yourself. I am here to support your learning curve.

Woo commerce can be added to manage online sales. Partnering with Stripe, they bring you an all in one ecommerce solution.

Once completed, the site will be hosted by Dreamhost. They are a reputable cooperative of like minded graduates who saw the limitations in the corporate model. Instead, everyone works towards common goals, for the good of the collective. They are expects in the WordPress field who support me, while I support you.

Important: Due to the insecurity of the web, these products must be regularly updated. This includes the core, theme and the plugins. Your annual hosting includes this service. Monthly maintenance will be done behind the scenes. Back-ups are scheduled and downloaded for safe keeping.


Create with Andrée

  • Intuitive collaborator / front-end developer
  • Web design and hosting services since 2007
  • Taught web development at Seneca College for ten years
  • Managed hosting includes backups, core, theme and plugin monitoring and updates
  • All services are supported by Dreamhost. 99.9% up-time
  • Story Teller dedicated to resonance, spiritual practice, peace and Mother Earth
  • Developed, owned and operated two small businesses in the food service industry
  • Five years private and corporate sales in fine art framing & recognition products
  • DJ and lightning diva during the disco era

Web 1.0 archive

Common blockages to success

1. Delays in providing content; text, images, embed links and logins to 3rd party sites.

2. Providing little or vague feedback, including providing the deposit.

3. Lack direction. If you are the person who says “I’ll know it when I see it”, I suggest looking at the template option. There are many beautiful choices without having to decide on colours, fonts and layout.