Andrée Emond, Storyteller

Neglected to Soar

Common Tether

“If we sing the song of consciousness till we feel the burn of truth, we throw a burst of fire into the darkness of our psyche so we can see what we’re doing…what we’re truly doing, not what we wish to think we’re doing. This is the untangling of your feelings and the beginning of understanding why love and life are to be lived by the bones.” — Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The following short stories are the result of my unwavering commitment to self. It is said the longest journey we take is from “our head to our heart”. I am humbled by a process that began to release childhood patterns, then continued to peel away generational and societal conditioning. I am viewing the raw footage, feeling the burn, all while being shown my capacity for self-love. I am deeply honoured to attend to my souls contract.

Every part is welcome ♥. Every part is heard ♥. Every part is loved ♥.

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