The Questions

What do I already know and what do I need to find out?

What communication type do you prefer?

  • Email
  • Text
  • Phone
  • Zoom

What are the best time to communicate?

Understanding your needs

In order for me to understand your needs and preferences, please read the following questions. Please remember, when considering these questions, stay focused on your goal for the site. This will save time and avoid personal bias.

What are the goals for your website?

Please describe your vision for the site.

All websites are living documents that can evolve and change. What you create now can be scaled to include a board range of needs over time.

Do you have a logo?

If you would like to use an existing logo, please provide a high resolution jpg or png file that is at least 500pixels wide.


  • Logo design and/or modifications are not included.
  • Depending on the complexity of the logo, the colour scheme may have to follow the ones used to create it. In this case, I recommend having a graphic designer update the logo once the colour scheme is established.

Colour scheme

Are you trying to match an existing colour scheme? Do you have specific new colours picked out? One colour will allow me to show you numerous complimentary choices. Close your eyes and imagine. What feels good?

Do you prefer

  • Soft muted tones
  • Bright vibrant colour
  • Fall tones
  • Spring tones
  • Other


Please send a picture or two that relates the colour, mood or feeling you’re drawn to. Here is a site that offer free images if needed.

Your own images will always be best, since they are unique and there are no licensing costs. We can also purchase from shutterstock, istock photos and Dreamstime when specific images are required.

Other websites

Please provide 2 or 3 websites links that you admire, keeping in mind your needs. Look at how they display their services, relate to customers visually, use fonts, images etc.

Tell me what about these sites speaks to you.


What kind of collaborator are you?

  • Invites the opportunity to be intricately involved in the project
  • Able to make decisions on colour, style and design, without seeing the whole picture
  • Knows what they like when they see it

Please contact me at when you’re inspired to explore.

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